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Writer's Block: Speak and spell

If you could cast one type of magic spell, which would you choose, and why?

A "stop talking" spell. To shut up anyone that can't control their motormouth. Especially useful for rioters, blabbermouth friends, and douchebags yelling out of cars.

All by my lonesome at Work

About two weeks ago I started a nice, comfy job as a Video store assistant. I'd been toying with the idea of a job of that timbre and calibre for only a few days, when lo and behold an ad appears in the papers for one. It must be fate! So I apply.

Naturally with my impeccable reputation and vast repertoire of knowledge I get the job.

With Le Boss in attendance I learnt the ropes of the place; cleaning and returning dvds, making asinine recommendations, and workin' that register, ooooh yeah.

On sunday my baptism through fire commenced when Le Boss decided I was ready to be a Lone Wolf. Wooosh...She left. I was alone. Anything that went wrong would fall squarely in my lap. Erg.

It started out quiet. Le Boss predicted that it would pick up later; Lord, did it. Almost as soon as she left customers poured through the doors in droves. So there I was, frantically returning dvds, fielding customer questions, issuing dvds, answering the phone, and doing the Great Shelf Switch to make way for new releases. I was sweating.

Five minutes before closing there was a steady trickling of customers through the door, dammit. Most were easy to process, but one lady who had large fines on her account (and subsequently couldn't rent until paid) harped at me that I wasn't letting it slide. She said (and I quote) "oh the guys would have let me rent, would have let it go. Must be why your boss hired you. *guffaw*".

I guffawed weakly in return and smiled darkly to myself as I added her fine to the total. Pay through the nose, stupid woman.

Once she was done I just had to boot two slightly high fools out before I could lock the doors. They hemmed and hawed and asked irritating questions, telling me to recommend two comedies instantaneously, citing that I had to work for my pay. Work. For. My. Pay. -expletive-
Pity the one was wearing glasses. Their eyeballs were looking particularly stab-worthy.

I hustled them out the door after their transaction was done, and hopped to locked the door after them. Overtime, but alone. Relief.

I locked up clumsily, shut down the electronics, tallied the till and whatnot (made a few mistakes...oops) and left! Wonderful glorious freedom!

Of course, I woke up in the middle of the night remembering several things I had forgot to do, but all in all I earned my pay.

Baptism through fire, over.
So after reading through numerous interviews with authors over the internet I'm left with a desire to try my hand at writing. Problem is how does one start? Where do the ideas come from? What will be my inspiration?

Now that I have a long stretch of nothing looming ahead of me (3 months of holiday from uni) I need something relatively constructive to fill my time. Even if it turns out to be a waste of time. I need some way to fool myself whilst whiling away the hours.

I should also take up running. I promise myself that every year. Often I do it, too, but lose interest quickly.

Painting...already have drawing in the bag...


Yes, that way I get to show off and meet other 'like-minded people' -snore-. Mostly it's about the showing off.

Ugh. I can't even think of something remotely interesting to rant about here. A foggy funk is what I'm living in. Not that it's unpleasant, oh no. But it's slightly boring. I could be doing more! I'm just too lazy :P

The world is my oyster *Ohm nom nom*

Today finds me rather lonesome underneath the library, sitting on the green ufo's in the room with the pillars that go no-where. I am listening to a fascinating conversation between two girls (who just HAD to sit right in front of me when there are about 20 other ufo-seats to choose from but anyway I digress...) discussing their role in their tutorials and how they don't participate because they think it's funny to analyse the other people taking part, completely unaware that the other people are probably doing the same thing.

They're boring. I'm bored. It's boring sitting here staring at a computer screen. Damn them. GO AWAY.

I recently saw a documentary on this ballet-dancer, Kase Craig. He grew up rather crappily, bullied, teased...the whole shabang, but nevertheless managed to make himself great, at the tender young age of 19. It was inspirational. If he could do so much, growing up the way he did, then I'm thinking the world's my oyster, seeing as how I'm growing up in the fairy-tale.

Drawing...reading...writing? Maybe. I wish it was gymnastics, and it still can be, I mean, Robert Nureyev started ballet when he was 17 or 18 and he became absolutely great.

It gives me much food for thought.

...how awkward. Those girls are acting all tender to one another. I think they're the lesbians that keep to themselves that came to my friends 18th party.

Fahrenheit 451

Well this was an...interesting...book. That's all I can give it, really. It started out weird, continued weird, and ended rather inconclusively.

I found Bradbury used far too many similes and metaphors, so much so that it was difficult to follow the plot at points. It's an interesting concept; demonising books in the future. Somehow I doubt that that will ever happen, but that's just my opinion, eh? Books are far too valuable and informative. People love being able to think for themselves and explore ideas through books, no-one can really take that away from us. Unless it is us ourselves that do the taking away. NOPLZKTHX. I love my library books.

For a guy born in the 1920's, Bradbury was a real thinker. Cellphones weren't even invented (properly) by the 1950's (when this book was first written), and yet he threw ear-mikes and wallscreen televisions in his book. How cool is this guy? We should have made him a scientist and seen what he came up with.

What I do see happening is the dumbing down of the media. In the novel it talks about how people have such short attention spans that the news must be condensed into a five-minute period. I can totally see that happening. Even today, reading the newspapers, journalists are writing shorter and shorter articles with huge, attention-grabbing headlines. It's like we're preschoolers that have ADD.

Well, at least I can say that I will always have an appreciation for the fountains of wisdom, knowledge, and vicarious experiences that are books.

*ohm nom nom*
Yes, that's right! Lovely, picturesque, laid-back, easy-going NZ is racist as hell. It permeates throughout the whole of this society. Even the government is racist, and no-one seems to care.

Sure you get your everyday racism directed at asians, pacific islanders, whites, blacks etc...the aggressive sort of racism is old-school and so very tired. But that's not what I'm angry about. The type of racism the government encourages is like favouritism towards the Maori and pacific islander culture.

No one is native to NZ. Before the early settlers from China and Britain arrived, the Maori were here, but they too came from overseas. NZ doesn't belong to anyone. Why does the government continually dish out prime parcels of land and invest heavily in providing perks and freebies to the Maori culture when shit happened so long ago? Surely they've been remunerated hundreds of times over. Apparently just by virtue of being Maori entitles you to all sorts of outlandish 'rewards'.

Even in the schools. They have heaps of scholarships for Maori-only. Just write your iwi here and receive moneeey! Yaaaay! There are school programmes for Maori and pacific islander students only, begins with a T. I can't remember. But it was implemented in my school, and no-one was happy with it. They assured us that people other than maori and pacific islanders were more than welcome, but UUH. Who would want to subject themselves to such awkwardness. They formed their own nice little clique, and left everyone else behind.

The Maori-only scholarships piss me off. What about having a South-African-only scholarship, hmm? Or an Indian-only scholarship? It's the same principle. People harp on about how Maori are disadvantaged, but I don't see how. Are they mentally deficient? Are they retarded? Do they ALL grow up in areas where chemical solvents rot their brains? NO. They are human. Just like everyone else. Therefore, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE they should also work to earn what they think they're entitled to.

And now they're thinking about free university entrance to students of Maori descent. Well isn't that the icing on the cake? Not only do they get free money thanks to their race, they don't have to work at all in school, because university entrance (awarded to the people with the highest no. of credits) is handed to them on a silver platter. Here you go, ma'am, feel free to walk over the rest of us. It's ok. We only worked our butts off for thirteen years at school so we could give way to racism.

I can't wait to get out of here....Germany, Sweden, SOMEWHERE where the government doesn't pander to the egos of 'natives'. Somewhere where everyone is given equal opportunity. Oh wait, that place doesn't exist yet.

The world sucks.

Update on my gripping adventures

Uni is going full-throttle; I really should start studying. I got my marks back for economics, and lo and behold: 51.5/90. I. Hate. Eco. Grr. I can't wait til my 7 prerequisite papers are over. I'm so not looking forward to Comlaw. That is going to be one hell of a snooze.

Weirdest coincidence! I go on PlanetDeusEx forums and natter with the people there. So when I started uni I made a topic about it. Funnily enough, 3 of the people that are regulars there go to the same uni as me. Aaaand I do classics. They're practically all classics majors! So when I go for my tutorials in the classics department I always look around, wondering who is who.

I can't believe it's week 10 already. Psh...that's not even one full school term. Uni is so slack after school. I'm taking 5 papers, and when I tell people they always go "YOU'RE INSANE." But after school it's a piece of cake, really. Well, actually no. There is so much material crammed into a short period of time that you HAVE TO KNOW. Gaar...

Hee...and there's this cute/highly intelligent guy with a well-developed sense of humour... :) need I say more?

Sketches from 2009

From my 2009 sketchbook. A few of the one's I'm proud of.

An archer with a sort of "oh hello" expression.

She has no bow, but she's also an archer, and she's stretching. /pointsoutobvious

When I'm bored, I draw weird pages like this.

The Greek Gods: Artemis and Apollo, and Hermes.

Self-portrait sketch of me in an artistic mood.

A schoolgirl and Magrigg.

I was learning to draw shadows by taking photos of myself on my phone, and, of course, drawing 'em.

More Greek Gods: Hermes, Apollo's head, and Hades.
Oh glorious wonderful COLD winter! I love thee so. You fill my days with cool breezes and wet wet rain. It's especially entertaining when you blow over the bus-stops and flood classrooms.

Oh bringer of rain and chill. You who cause such effervescence...STOP! UNI-TIME!

Picturezzzssz (just one)

I need to scan in some of my hand-drawn stuff. This year's crop is turning out to be rather good.
Imma put more stuff here when I can be bothered.

For some reason I much prefer MSpaint to photoshop. Maybe it's because I can understand it.